War-mongering presidents enforce will of the U.N.

Aug 30 2011 - 1:04pm

(UNEDITED) When President Obama was Senator Obama; he argued: "The president [Bush] does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation." Obama was right then, but wrong now: "Our mission in Libya is clear and focused ... we are enforcing the mandate of the United Nations Security Council." Libya is no "actual or imminent threat" to America. We have not been attacked by Gadhafi or the rebels.

Senator Joe Biden scolded President Bush for violating the Constitution with his war-mongering tendencies. Now he cheers on another unconstitutional war in Libya. Senator Hillary Clinton condemned Bush for his saber-rattling toward Iran, stating that he could not go to war without authorization from Congress.

As Secretary of State, Hillary also flip-flopped and led the charge for war against Libya without authorization from Congress, as her husband, President Clinton did when he sent troops into Haiti, Bosnia, and elsewhere. Three years before 9/11, Congress did adopt the Iraq Liberation Resolution (not a constitutionally required declaration of war) to topple Saddam's regime, which was used as authorization for the unconstitutional 2003 Iraqi invasion.

President George H. Bush ignored Congress in 1990 and went to the UN instead for authority to invade Iraq.

President George W. Bush said the invasion of Afghanistan was "authorized by the United Nations."

Every President since Roosevelt has demonstrated allegiance to the communist dominated United Nations to police the world, and impose unwanted "democracy" (an oxymoron), while seizing control of national resources, and slaughtering hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in the process in the name of "peace" and "humanity".

The UN is largely financed by American taxpayers and totally dominated by anti-American communist dictators. We fought under UN command and control (which orchestrated the "rules of engagement") in the no-win Korean and Vietnam wars against communism. Congress should get America out of the UN, and we should be skeptical of all campaign rhetoric.

Walters Winters


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