UDOT to announce altered West Davis Corridor proposals

Aug 31 2011 - 10:39pm

KAYSVILLE -- There are some changes to the three proposed routes for the West Davis Corridor.

Next week, the Utah Department of Transportation will make those changes public by announcing them to several groups affiliated with the project and by putting the information and new maps on its website.

"We will not announce 'new' proposed routes," said UDOT Region One spokesman Vic Saunders. "What we will announce is new refinements to the three alternates already out there."

Earlier this year, UDOT announced three proposed routes for the road that will be an alternative to Interstate 15, running from Centerville to Ogden. All three proposed routes received criticism from city officials and landowners whose homes would be affected by the new road.

"We've worked hard, we've worked diligently, and our fingers are crossed that it will pay off," said Kaysville Mayor Steve Hiatt.

As UDOT officials looked through those comments and suggestions, Saunders said, they saw that changes were needed.

"We've learned a lot," Saunders said. "We've learned that some things we thought were off-limits won't be, and some things we thought were within our limits won't be."

Hiatt said Kaysville residents and city officials have tried to let UDOT know that areas UDOT considered as wetlands are not wetlands. That is something Hiatt will be looking for when the maps are released Sept. 8.

"As I understand it, UDOT has listened, and it's a credit to them for listening to concerns," he said. "When the maps are released, that will be the ultimate indicator if we were correct in our assumption that they weren't wetlands."

Saunders said refining the proposed routes is a step to move toward drafting the Environmental Impact Statement, which UDOT hopes to do before spring 2012. Once the EIS is complete, UDOT will submit the report to the Federal Highway Administration.

"They'll spend some time reviewing that and then come back with suggestions and ideas," Saunders said.

UDOT plans to have the final draft completed by 2013.

"It's a long process," Saunders said. "I don't think people understand how long of a process it is. We want to make sure all the correct decisions are made."

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