Officials draft ordinance to permit ATVs on Pleasant View streets

Sep 2 2011 - 11:21pm

PLEASANT VIEW -- An ordinance is being written that could soon allow all-terrain vehicles to be driven legally on city streets.

City Administrator J.J. Allen and City Attorney Mike Houtz have been working on an ordinance listing all the requirements to make an ATV street legal, including licensing and registration, side- and rear-view mirrors, a speedometer and turn signals.

"It's not too often we allow things to occur. Most ordinances look at making things more restrictive," said Police Chief Scott Jackson. He said the state of Utah has allowed its cities to make the decision for themselves. Jackson said many residents have bigger and improved ATVs these days and the vehicles have improved significantly from the early days of three-wheelers.

Jackson said numerous residents have asked to allow ATVs on the city streets over the years. He said Allen had gathered and reviewed ATV ordinances from neighboring cities to aid in the creation of Pleasant View's ordinance. He also suggested the city consider a route that can be used and areas where they may not be used, such as 500 West, and said although ATVs may become legal on city streets, golf carts will not be allowed.

Councilman Todd Walker said the ATV's allowed would need to be 50 inches wide with all the equipment added.

Before voting on the ordinance, Humphreys suggested the city have a presentation from Derick Stone, the owner of Big Boy Toys. Council members agreed it would be a good idea, and Councilman Michael Humphreys said he would schedule the presentation.

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