Clearfield changes city hall zoning

Sep 6 2011 - 11:28pm


CLEARFIELD -- City property encompassing city hall is officially changing from its commercial zoning to the public facilities zone, in an effort to clearly identify the area's use.

The municipal campus includes city hall, the community center and the fire station. This property is approximately 7.23 acres at the corner of Center and State streets.

A few months ago, a final plat was approved to combine the more than 19 parcels of the campus into two parcels, Lot 1 for the city hall and community center and Lot 2 for the fire station.

"We want the uses of the site to be in line with the zoning," said acting Community Development Director Valerie Claussen. "This limits the use of the land. There will not be things like commercial going in."

She explained that the zoning designation has a two-fold purpose. It establishes an area for facilities that are maintained in the public and quasi-public ownership and use. It also changes how it shows up on the city maps, clearly delineating such property.

This change to the public facilities zone is consistent with the master plan and land use ordinance.

According to city staff, the public facility zoning designation is appropriate as the uses on the property are public buildings. This is compatible with the existing uses and zoning in the immediate vicinity as well.

There was no public comment on the potential change.

"This is a zone in the city available to use, but it hasn't been used much," Claussen said, noting there are few properties with this zoning.

In January 2011, Steed Pond and Steed Park were changed to this type of zoning. Claussen also noted that the new park and school in the area of Wasatch Elementary School have that zoning.

Even with so few areas having the designation, she said, there will likely be more properties changing to this zone. She noted that the city will likely go through the different properties it owns and change zoning.

"It's housekeeping," she said. "Some city properties and parks will eventually be zoned to that."

The city council recently approved this zoning change for the city hall property.

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