Deer were skinned, butchered in yards

Sep 7 2011 - 2:12pm

(UNEDITED) I had to laugh to myself at the comments from officer Troy Burnett during his investigation of the cow butchering "the cow was in the process of losing it's head" "it boggles my mind" he said "It's not llegal, but it's absurd that people would think slaughtering a cow in their driveway is OK." Boy! There sure is a generation gap from the 1960-70's

When I was a youngster, half the families in the state hunted deer, brought them home displayed on their vehicles and hung them in their garage or the largest tree in the yard and skinned them and butchered them right there!  Usually with a gathering of the school kids watching every move. Now, the public is trying desperately to try to find some type of violation to cite the individual! It's a good thing we didn't have to rely on these boobs to cross the plains and establish our state! I'll bet our pioneer forefathers are rolling in their graves! What a disappointing bunch of law enforcement!

Bud Latturner


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