Hooper discusses surplus land disposal

Sep 10 2011 - 10:55pm

HOOPER -- The city council recently read a proposal concerning the disposal of surplus property that are slivers or parcels of land owned by the city but that abut some citizen's property.

Although there haven't been any formal requests, there have been inquiries made to the city as to how these properties should be handled. Property owners want to know if they can buy the land or if the city can deed it to them. There was a debate by the council about how involved they should be with making decisions that involve the purchase price and size of surplus land.

The proposal suggests that offers made for these properties should be submitted to the city engineer for verification and approval of the description of the surplus land. The council debated whether the city should set limits on the size and amount of the property and at what point the council would be involved, if at all or in every case.

Resident Ryan Fisher expressed concerns about narrow pieces of land that are between his property line and a city walking path. He said these areas are covered in weeds and debris and it would be a win-win situation if property owners could be given that land if they maintain it. The council decided that there were too many scenarios that could arise regarding surplus properties and there needs to be public input and discussion on the subject. A public hearing is set for Thursday so the council can get property owners' input before adopting an ordinance.

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