The rich create jobs

Sep 12 2011 - 2:51pm

I would like to respond to the "Our View" comment 9/9/11 titled, GOP, work with the president!  Which of the unconstitutional proposals would you have the GOP work with the President? President after president, both Republican and Democrat has attempted to persuade the Congress to "work with them" in passing unconstitutional legislation. We have gotten in the quagmire we're in precisely for NOT living by the Constitutional provisions both Democrats and Republicans, including the President, swore oaths to uphold. Which part of, "I do solemnly swear..." don't you understand?

The President's plan for more stimulus money comes from which of the enumerated powers in Article I, Section 8? Incidentally, the first two unconstitutional stimulus packages didn't work, what makes you think this one will?

Regarding your calling Republicans hypocritical when it comes to taxes. Democrats are constantly championing the, "pay your fair share" when it comes to taxes, so where is your, "pay your fair share" now? Almost half of the American taxpayer pays no income tax whatsoever and even receive refunds when they have paid no taxes in via withholding or estimated tax payments. Why should the rich pay a higher rate than anyone else? The richest 25% already pay 86% of the total taxes paid. Is this paying your fair share?

I have no problem with the rich making just as much money as they can, and bless them for doing so. The rich build companies, manufacturing plants etc. that create the jobs. Creating jobs is NOT the business of government. Yes, we need jobs badly, so keep on taxing the rich until they can no longer build industry and hire the jobless. Perhaps more of the GOP would work with the President if he honored his Oath of Office.

Lonnie D. Crockett


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