Spending for infrastructure will create jobs

Sep 12 2011 - 9:42pm

In a recent article published by The Standard Examiner entitled "Tea Party a Positive Force for achieving Reform," by Richard Richards; I take exception to his belief that the Tea Party will be able to create jobs by eliminating unnecessary red tape that is stifling job growth. We need to open our history books to find the answer to this issue.

While I agree that we should reform the governmental regulation happy bureaucracy, I know that doing this will not create one single job. Giving tax cuts to the wealthy and big business corporations will not create jobs. Want to know what will? Government spending will. Yes I said spending by our government. We can put workers building high ways, bridges, airports, rail transportation, the electrical grid, schools, and hundreds of infrastructures that are in need of repair. Will this work? History tells us that it will. It took this country's unemployment rate from 25 percent down to 17 percent by 1937. At that time the Republicans proposed spending cuts, claiming that the country would go broke. They got their way and the country went into a mini recession. By 1939 war broke out in Europe and we went into high gear supplying weapons of war to the Allies and the Great Depression was over.

The Republicans got it wrong in 1937 and by not learning anything from history the Tea Party is making the same mistake. We can have enthusiasm for political issues, but let's make sure we are on the right side of history when it comes to economic policies.

Bob Van Velkinburgh






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