Saturday set aside for young waterfowl hunters

Sep 14 2011 - 3:21pm

It's time once again for Utah's youngest hunters to polish up their shotguns and head out into the marshes in pursuit of ducks and geese.

The state's annual Youth Hunting Day, set aside exclusively for waterfowl hunters aged 15 or younger, is coming up on Saturday -- two full weeks before the general waterfowl hunt opens on Oct. 1.

But before heading out to their favorite spot, hunters should be aware of a couple of changes this year.

First, light geese are off-limits. Canada geese are still fair game, but snow, blue and Ross' geese may not be taken Saturday because of federal law. Utah's light-goose hunting season can't run for more than 107 days, but a 108-day season was inadvertently approved for this fall. Keeping light geese off-limits on the youth day will cut the season back to the 107-day maximum.

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