Family of dead teen sues Powder Mountain Ski Resort

Sep 16 2011 - 12:05am

OGDEN -- The family of a Nevada teen killed on the steep approach road to Powder Mountain Ski Resort two years ago has sued the resort for wrongful death.

Tanner Krahenbuhl, 16, of Henderson, Nev., was pronounced dead at the scene of the Aug. 30, 2009, accident when the brakes went out on the motor home he was riding in and it crashed near 6910 E. 6800 North

A participant in a motocross competition in Eden, the-16-year-old was a passenger in the motor home towing a 24-foot trailer. The vehicle was traveling down State Road 158 when the brakes failed because of the steep grade, the lawsuit states. Two others in the mobile home were seriously injured but survived.

The suit was filed in Ogden 2nd District Court earlier this month and is pending before Judge Mark DeCaria.

James and Kayleen Krahenbuhl, parents of Tanner, of Henderson, Nev., are seeking $5 million in damages from Powder Mountain Resort Management and other John Doe defendants.

"Defendant knew that in order to compete to win, motocross racers would travel to the event with a motorhome with attached trailers filled with equipment and motorcycles," the suit reads.

"Defendant knew and expected that the motor home with attached trailers would ascend and descend the only plausible access road to the event, State Route 158 with its steep grade."

The suit claims Powder Maintain failed to adequately warn participants of the dangers of the road, even after the brakes of shuttle buses for spectators failed earlier in the day.

"Defendant knew or should have known that State Route 158 was too steep and too long for safe descent by loaded motorhomes with equipment trailers."

According to a Weber County Sheriff's Office report at the time of the crash, the tires of Krahenbuhl's 40-foot motorhome were smoking as it was careering out of control down the road just before the crash.

Attempts to reach Powder Mountain for comment were not immediately successful.

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