N. Ogden wishes councilmember a safe mission

Sep 21 2011 - 11:16am

(UNEDITED) Serving on a City Council can be challenging as well as extremely rewarding. One of the finest experiences is being able to serve with some very talented individuals. Recently the Standard-Examiner published an article about North Ogden Councilmember Brent Taylor being deployed to Afghanistan. The article pointed out many of Captain Taylor's military accomplishments, but several of us that have served on the Council with him would like to add some of his accomplishments while he has served North Ogden residents.

Brent has been on the Council for 21 months. During that time he has shown that North Ogden is high on his priority list. While being a businessman, member of the Utah National Guard, husband, and father of four small children, Brent has also devoted many hours of service to North Ogden as a councilmember. He was very instrumental in the formation of North Ogden's Economic Development Committee and has been a valuable member of that committee. He has also served on the Public Works Steering committee with his prime concern being communicating with the residents and making sure the complex is as cost effective as possible.

Brent is known for doing thorough research and as a logical thinker.

His leadership skills are greatly appreciated by the Mayor and most members of the Council. As North Ogden interviews for an interim councilmember to serve while Capt. Taylor is deployed, we know that Brent's service to our country will leave a void on the Council that will be difficult to fill.

A grateful city wishes Brent a safe mission in Afghanistan and looks forward to when he returns to his Council position.

Mayor Richard Harris

Councilmember Ron Flamm

Councilmember Carl Turner

and one other member of the

North Ogden City Council

North Ogden



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