Centerville sets land development appeal process

Sep 21 2011 - 4:32pm

Anyone wanting to follow an appeal process relating to land use development fees now have an official way to do so.

The city council recently authorized a new ordinance establishing an appeal process relating to those fees. This is per the 2011 legislation, which is a new law requiring each Utah city to establish this.

This does not include development impact fees, but covers other development fees imposed by the city. The new process involves initial review and a decision by the city manager before the matter may be formally appealed to the city council.

Any applicant who is charged a development fee, or a residential property owner that has a fee imposed can appeal by submitting a written request for review to the city recorder within 30 days from the date the fee is paid. This must include contact information, the fee being reviewed and grounds for the review.

From there, the city manager meets with the applicant or owner then issues a decision in writing. A person could ultimately seek an appeal through the city council or even the district court if continued appeals are needed.

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