Bible overview at Elim Lutheran

Sep 23 2011 - 2:07pm

OGDEN -- Pastor DanaLee Simon of Elim Lutheran Church, 575 23rd St., will teach the adult Bible study on what the Bible says about stewardship at 9 a.m. Sunday. Then, begining Oct. 2, she will begin a four-month series of lessons called "The Greatest Story: Bible Introduction."

Sixteen sessions will cover a great overview of the whole Bible, including a basic understanding of key people, places, and events. All learners, whether seasoned studiers of the Bible or brand new, are sure to have a great learning experience.

Those planning to attend the Bible study are requested to contact the church office at or 801-394-5543 so enough textbooks can be ordered. A donation of $15 toward the learner guide is appreciated but in no way necessary, and the learner guide will become the property of the student.

Sunday School classes for children from preschool through high school are offered at the same time, with two adult teachers assigned to each class.


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