Bountiful utility has Questar install power meter

Sep 28 2011 - 10:50pm

BOUNTIFUL -- Bountiful City Light & Power has contracted with Questar Gas for the installation of a new meter set at BCL&P's new power generation project on 200 West.

Under the terms of the agreement, approved recently by the city council, Questar will remove two meters and two pressure regulators at the plant and install three pressure regulators and one new meter before the end of the year. BCL&P will pay $120,000 up front for the service and any additional costs incurred.

The new equipment is part of a $25 million upgrade at the site, which will include the installation of new turbines. The turbines will require the natural gas metering to be changed to meet the additional gas supply and pressure regulations, said Allen Johnson, director of BCL&P.

Local utility officials estimate saving $35,000 by having Questar do the work before the end of the year because of tax rate changes that take place in January.

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