We'll be a third-rate nation unless pols compromise

Sep 28 2011 - 2:11pm

(UNEDITED) Who do the members of the US Congress represent, and whom do they go to when they want to be re-elected to the congressional seats that they occupy? It is we, the people of this country, who they are constantly playing for fools that they come to for re-election but also, who they have put into the unemployment lines and sent out of the homes that were bought with the money earned when we, the people, had fairly good paying jobs that allowed us to do that. The members of the military and a lot of the citizens of all of the communities want to go back to work and don't really give a lot of thought as to what party they are supposed to be affiliated with. The political parties, who are constantly fighting amongst themselves, are not paying for the lost wages of the millions who have been put out of work through the political parties' inept and incompetent behavior. A few less intelligent individuals would have the country reduced to a third-rate nation rather than compromise to get us, the people back to work to bring our country out of the economic problems that they got us into starting ten years ago. To those elected congressmen, quit complaining and start doing the jobs you were elected to do. You can and should be replaced if you keep doing the incompetent job that you are doing. We are watching your performance!

Clifford Tornow



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