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Oct 1 2011 - 2:16pm

Over dinner at Perry's finest restaurant, a friend and I solved most of the nation's problems, and a few international ones to boot, as our wives engaged in their own conversation and occasionally overheard bits of our discussion. The gravity of our subject seemed to escape them.

The solutions we found to our national malaise are obvious; simplify and learn to work together as a nation. Now if we can just put our thoughts into book form, a Nobel Peace Prize should be in the offing; given the way peace prizes have been awarded in the 21st century, we're a shoe-in. An Oscar? Well maybe.

For starters perhaps we can learn to quit arguing about whether we are a republic or a democracy. Consider this; there are officially dozens of republics and democracies among the nations of the world; you can choose from the republics of Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, China or even the "Banana Republic." But, they are all very different from our republic with democratic processes that our Constitution validates. It takes both elements; a representative form of government in which the people democratically elect representatives. When we the people do not fulfill our duty to be informed and participative in government, the system morphs into what today passes as a representative government that caters to special interest groups.

America is in dire need of a transformation. Two items illustrate the need: In some circles it has become unpopular to wear a lapel pin of the American Flag. Even pledging allegiance to the flag is frowned at in some schools, never mind the inclusion of "under God." And, many Americans have become apologetic about defending our own borders.

Transformation seems something that would appeal to "Progressive/Liberals", they certainly bought into "change"; wonder how that's working for them? The guru of transformational thinking, Werner Erhard, insists that, "at all times and under all circumstances we have the power to transform the quality of our lives."

Transformational thinking relative to our government is overdue. Those doing the most to transform our country are actually the "grassroots" organizations such as the Tea Partiers and their "cousins" They seek to transform us from what we are becoming to what the Constitution says we are.

Erhard has other advice on transformation, we should apply the four "W"s and an "H", Who, What, When Where and How. The How is answered by reading, understanding and applying the Constitution. The What is answered by moving away from what we are becoming "a nanny state."

With the remaining three "W's we must ask ourselves; if not you, then Who, if not now, then When, and if not here, then Where? The real transformers are those who accept this challenge.

With that in mind, a new political movement is in the making, The "T" Totaler Party, that's T as in "get it -- Together". We would promote one ideal; that of restoring America's prestige through revitalizing of our economy. We'll be Totally pro-American. If Tea is not your cup or Coffee is not your Party, then support the "T" Totalers.

My barber Ned says he will be the first member. As a retired policeman, his solutions tend to be direct and unambiguous. To join Ned and others write to me at this newspaper for details.

We'll support many Tea Party goals and add new ones such as limiting the term of Supreme Court justices which the Constitution defines as during "good behavior."

Does anyone have a clue what that means? It is logical to think that the founding fathers did not believe the justices would live into their 80s, or that they would be on "good behavior" for many years. Twelve-year terms seem reasonable.

If justice is delayed due to the speed of this court then justice is denied, to paraphrase a legalism.

It is time to fire the social engineers in Congress and the White House, put a cork in the demands of environmentalists and put people in charge who have some sense of what it takes to bring about a vibrant American economy, China. Brazil and others are already doing very well thank you.

Our message is, "If it doesn't help America, why do it?

Yes, we're unashamedly, Totally American -- to the "T". This is not a Nazi, fascist ideology with ober-nationalist goals. It's Americans helping America, Totally.

Reynolds lives in Pleasant View. He is a retired businessman and member of the Kiwanis Club of North Ogden.

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