Pleasant View one step closer to permitting ATVs on streets

Oct 4 2011 - 11:54pm

PLEASANT VIEW -- City staff had a completed resolution that would make ATVs street legal in the city, but some questions still need to be addressed.

Because some research needs to be done about allowing both Type 1 and Type 2 ATVs on city streets, the issue will be studied and possibly voted on in the next council meeting.

"Our resolution only has the Type 1 vehicle," Mayor Doug Clifford said regarding ATVs that carry only the operator and not a passenger.

He said maybe the city should also include Type 2 ATVs, which can carry a passenger. The Type 2 ATVs include side-by-side ones that are 50 inches wide and others that are straddled when riding.

"You would have to be 16 years old to operate one on the streets," Councilman Michael Humphreys said, adding that some of the side-by-sides are a lot like a Jeep and are more comfortable, with windshields and sometimes even heaters.

Derrick Stone, of Big Boys Toys, was at the council meeting to share information and said it is easy to make ATVs street legal. All it takes is purchasing a kit that retails for about $239 and includes a license plate bracket, he said.

"It is not really horrible to do. The kit has mirrors for the left and the right of the driver, a turn signal and a horn," Stone said.

City Administrator J.J. Allen said the state really didn't do a good job of defining the two types of ATVs.

"They are going back and forth and sideways, and you end up wondering if they have really defined it at all. It limits it to Type 1 ATVs," he said.

Allen said he and City Attorney Mike Howtz had been working on the ordinance for Pleasant View.

"As long as it can be made street legal, I don't care if they have the smaller Type 1 or the larger Type 2," Allen said.

Humphreys said ATVs used on city streets would have to be inspected like any vehicle.

"We have to ask the pros and cons," Mayor Doug Clifford said. "This will be a minority of people that want to do it. Riding on asphalt burns up tires."

Police Chief Scott Jackson said it may be best to just keep city regulations regarding ATVs on roads the way the state has defined them.

"I think what I'm hearing is, bring back an ordinance that removes Type 1 or Type 2 in the ordinance and allows on our streets any street-legal ATVs that are licensed and insured," Allen said.

Clifford agreed, saying, "Let's don't reinvent the wheel here. Simplify the draft of the ordinance, and we'll pick it up at the next meeting."

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