It's gridlock at the top of college football rankings

Oct 20 2011 - 7:59pm

We're at a rankings standstill. Nobody budged in this week's top 11. It's as if everyone is standing at a bus stop waiting for November. There's nothing anyone can do until Alabama, Louisiana State or Oklahoma loses. Wisconsin beating Indiana by 52 points last week earned the Badgers a big-deal No. 6 in the first Bowl Championship Series standings. Boise State is stripping gears at No. 5, and Stanford hasn't lost in more than a year yet sits behind the No. 8 BCS ball. Only one bit of housekeeping: Washington enters the poll at No. 25 and Texas, once 4-0, drops out after dropping to 4-2.

Rank/School/Comment/Last week's ranking

1 Alabama 7-0 May have more NFL-ready players on defense than the Kansas City Chiefs. (1)

2 Louisiana State 7-0 Will break off with Alabama and join the STC (Super Two Conference). (2)

3 Oklahoma 6-0 School promises Broyles receptionist job if he doesn't make it in NFL. (3)

4 Stanford 6-0 People here could tell you handshake agreements with Harbaugh led to broken fingers. (4)

5 Boise State 6-0 Visiting Air Force coach to team: "Off we go, into the wild blue yonder." (5)

6 Wisconsin 6-0 Wilson's Heisman campaign makes crucial whistle-stop in swing state Michigan State. (6)

7 Oklahoma State 6-0: Yippie ki-yay! Cowboys No. 1 in BCS computer index with No. 100 defense. (7)

8 Clemson 7-0 Mystified onlookers still convinced Clemson will show up one of these weeks. (8)

9 Oregon 5-1 Kelly also yelled, "Hey, will you just shut up?" this week to couple talking in movie theater. (9)

10 Arkansas 5-1 Wiseguy wonders what's the difference going from idle one week to "at Mississippi"? (10)

11 West Virginia 5-1 Coach tells AD he won't tank rest of season to get a shot at Andrew Luck. (11)

12 Nebraska 5-1 In Big 12 to Big Ten switch, Minnesota is Kansas with funny accents. (13)

13 Virginia Tech 6-1 Halftime show this week will feature songs from the great Hokie Carmichael. (14)

14 South Carolina 6-1 Injury to Lattimore might mean the Gamecocks will win a lot less. (16)

15 Kansas State 6-0 Warning: Danger on schedule ahead. Slippery when wet. Proceed with caution. (17)

16 Houston 6-0 Zero after your six also is chance you have of playing in BCS title game. (19)

17 Michigan State 5-1 Wants name change for great big body of water to "Lake Michigan State." (24)

18 Georgia Tech 6-1 No shame in losing at Virginia, except it never should have happened. (12)

19 Illinois 6-1 Rankman tried to warn you about that one pass Ohio State might complete. (15)

20 Texas A&M 4-2 Make sure to stop and smell the compost on trip this week to Ames, Iowa. (23)

21 Arizona State 5-2 KFC in Tempe has one-person lunch special named after Burfict: "personal fowl." (20)

22 Michigan 6-1 Ann Arbor organizes women's group: "Daughters of losing to Sparty." (18)

23 USC 5-1 First after-dark game at Notre Dame believed to be brainchild of Knight Rockne. (22)

24 Auburn 5-2 NCAA closes case on Newton but is still making Tigers go to LSU. (25)

25 Washington 5-1 Jean-Paul Sark: "All that I know about my life, it seems, I have learned in playbooks." (NR)

Dropped out: Texas (21).

Moved in: Washington.

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