Rich didn't create any jobs despite low taxes

Oct 25 2011 - 2:24pm

(UNEDITED) At the end of the Great Depression, regulations were implemented to prevent the problems that caused that depression from ever happening again. Those regulations were repealed during the Bush Administration and, coupled with the decrease in the tax rates for most of the people; the door was opened for the recession that we are in at this time, even though some will claim that the recession is now over. Before the repeal of the regulation that prevented commercial banking from combining with investment banking and the reduction of the tax rates, the country was doing quite well, though the wages were not as high as some wanted them to be.

Now, the Republicans want to lower the tax rates even more, with no idea as to how to increase the revenue so that the country can run efficiently. They would rather that the senior members of this country cease to exist and the rest follow their empty wishes as they support the upper 1 % in their rape of the country's coffers for their own selfish desires. They, the well-to-do, were asked to create jobs if the tax rates were lowered but that didn't come to fruition. Now, the country is floundering even more and those well-to-do are doing their best to keep it that way. When are the little people going to throw the bums out, who are helping with the bankrupting of this country?

Clifford Tornow


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