Weber County Planning Division receives awards

Oct 26 2011 - 6:40pm

OGDEN -- The Weber County Planning Division recently received awards from the Utah Chapter of the American Planning Association for their efforts to create a master map of all of the pathways in Weber County and for the development of the Destination and Recreation Resort Zone ordinance.

Weber County received two of the eight project awards given for the entire state.

County planning director Rob Scott said, "The significance of these two projects demonstrates that by collaborating with other entities and interested parties that positive results can be achieved in fostering a bright future for Weber County."

The first project award was for the Weber County Cooperative Pathways Master Plan that was started in 2008 when county and Weber Pathways created a master plan for all the trails. By February 2009, the project concept was presented to the Weber Pathways board that endorsed the project and hired a consultant to write the plan, and from there a partnership was formed. Weber County provided the mapping work, coordinated meetings, and printed the final document. The benefit is that all participating jurisdictions' paths connect from one town to the next.

The second project award was for the development of the Destination and Recreation Resort Zone ordinance, which includes a transfer of development rights component.

Scott said in order to get necessary policy direction for the resort and transfer of development rights ordinance, the Odgen Valley Planning Commission and the Weber County Commission met 12 times over seven months to address issues and give direction on how the ordinance standards should be written.

"Citizens and interested stakeholders from the resorts gave valuable input," Scott said.

He also said this innovative approach provides one set of standards for development instead of trying to comply with a multitude of zone conditions. The DRR-1 zone allows a resort design flexibility while requiring the preservation of open space.

"Although the DRR-1 zone is unique to Weber County," Scott said, "any entity could use this as a model process and ordinance.

Upon Scott presenting the two awards to the Weber County Commission, Chairwoman Jan Zogmeister said, "These awards are a big deal, a big accomplishment, and that is something that Weber County needs to be very proud of."

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