Schools should keep classes of the arts

Oct 28 2011 - 3:25pm

(UNEDITED) Taking classes of the arts out of schools is ridiculous. Classes such as art, choir, band, orchestra, photography, drama, and film-making are being taken out of schools because of low funding. These classes allow students to express themselves in a positive, creative way. When students do graffiti some say it is how they express themselves. With art classes at schools Instead of painting on a wall or building they could paint on a canvas provided by the class. It would keep the student out of trouble and property would not be damaged.

Also as a student I know that those are the classes most kids look forward to during the school day. If we didn't have those classes some students may not even want to go to school. I know that without those classes I wouldn't be very motivated to go. If kids are not motivated then what will stop them from not even going to school? That will lead to more dropouts and less students graduating each year.

One more reason they should keep classes of the arts in schools is that a lot of those classes could help students get scholarships for collage. My sister got a scholarship for singing and without school choir she would have never been offered the scholarship and it would have been harder for her to pay for an education. Even if you take classes outside of school it would be harder to be recognized for your talents.

Clara Call



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