New 'Occupy' group to rally in Ogden

Oct 30 2011 - 10:56pm

OGDEN -- Utah's newest "Occupy" group will hold a rally at 10 a.m. Saturday at City Hall Park on 25th Street and Washington Boulevard.

The rally will include an information table, speakers, sign-making and stories of people's struggles with unemployment, loss of retirement savings, foreclosure and health issues.

The Ogden planning group decided to stage a rally so local residents have a place to come together to talk about the economic devastation brought about by fraudulent and unregulated Wall Street practices and to learn more about the issues fueling the Occupy Movement nationally and locally.

Occupy Ogden planners have set up a Facebook page for people in Ogden who want to take part in the movement.

In the five days since the Occupy Ogden page was first posted, nearly 200 people have signed on as "friends" to share ideas and resources for the rally and subsequent activities.

Local police have been notified of the planned rally at City Hall. Mayoral and city council candidates have been invited to attend, listen and offer their support.

For more information, call Carol Sullivan at 801-652-8894 or email

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