Cut government in half and fund defense

Oct 31 2011 - 5:09pm

(UNEDITED)What fools these mortals be." Wise words from Shakespeare said by Puck in "A Midsummer Nights Dream." And still true today. For the past several decades the regular citizens of this country have accepted actions by politicians, in both parties, that resulting in making us their "golden geese" to fleece, and simultaneously reducing us to sort of serfs. They have either outright lied to us, or deceived us by misdirection, misinformation, or political doublespeak. They have twisted our congressional procedures to the extent that the average person cannot know exactly what they are doing. And today, while they play games and grandstand, by talking of cutting spending and reducing our national debt, they maneuver to cut here while raising there, and looking for new ways to squeeze more money from us.

They have used their elected positions not necessarily for the good of the country, but to financially enrich themselves, their supporters, and their families and friends. Their corrupt acts if committed by a citizen would have resulted in the citizen being fired or jailed. They have awarded themselves golden benefits in outrageous salaries, retirement, medical benefits, and other perks denied to a citizen. They give multi-billions of our dollars to foreign governments while our citizens go without jobs, food, housing and medical care.

We need to kill the "Golden geese" by cutting the government's money supply. Never mind the 9-9-9 or 20 percent tax plans. Reduce our taxes to around three percent or just whatever it takes to fund National Defense, and a government half the size as now.

We need to take severe and drastic action or accept and learn to live and love the mess we have now. There are not many Washington politicians or bureaucrats that should remain in office beyond the next election.

Wendell E. "Bud" Brumley


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