OWATC: Use mouth-friendly OWT nickname

Oct 31 2011 - 11:28pm


OGDEN -- Ogden-Weber Applied Technology College remains the school's formal name, but it hopes to get on a closer, nickname basis with its surrounding community.

You can call it Ogden-Weber Tech or the OWT.

Administrators would prefer you no longer call the school the OWATC, which is too tongue-twisty, or the O-Dub.

"High school students have started calling it the O-Dub," said Elsa Zweifel, the school's marketing director. "That just sounds weird, and it was really important to our president (Collette Mercier) that people remember the Tech part of our name. We are a technical college."

Mercier suggested the idea of a more mouth-friendly nickname about two years back, Zweifel said.

"It's such a long name, hard for people to say," she said. "And the word 'applied' seems ambiguous to people. Not everybody knew what it meant, but everyone knows what a tech college is."

The college requested -- and received -- permission from the Utah College of Applied Technology, which oversees the eight Utah technical colleges, to informally drop a few letters from its acronym.

A change of the school's formal name would require approval from the Utah Legislature.

The technical college's website remains unchanged, www.owatc.edu, but the site has a new logo. On campus, some signs give the school's full name, while others use a shortened version.

"People seem to like it," Zweifel said. "They tell me it's much easier to remember, and it's an easier reference for us.

"We've got five billboards up to let people know. Most everything I have heard so far is positive."

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