Separating the myths from facts about deer hunting

Nov 4 2011 - 2:49pm

Across the nation, fall brings deer seasons. Here's a look at some assumptions, and mis-assumptions, deer hunters will take with them to their stands.

Myth -- A well-placed heart and/or lung shot will drop a deer in its tracks, or shortly thereafter.

Fact -- Sometimes yes, oftentimes no. And in cases when a deer shot in the heart or lungs doesn't drop, it can travel much farther than many hunters believe. Moreover, even seriously wounded deer can appear to tracking hunters to bleed more profusely than they actually are.

In one study using beef blood to simulate a bleeding deer, a pool of blood 12 inches across required only 6 ounces of blood to create.

Yet a loss of about 42 ounces of blood is required for a deer to bleed to death, according to Leonard Lee Rue III, author of the encyclopedic "The Deer of North America."

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