Threatening graffiti found in Roy High bathroom

Nov 11 2011 - 5:10pm

ROY -- Roy High School went on lockdown Thursday morning after officials discovered threats scrawled across walls and stalls in two girls' bathrooms.

Nate Taggart, spokesman for Weber School District, said the writing contained multiple vague threats, but did not name any individuals who might be intended victims.

"Someone went to town on the walls," he said. "It was things like, 'Watch out,' and 'You might be one of them.' "

Around 11 a.m. Thursday, an announcement came over the audio system telling teachers to lock their doors and keep students in place rather than send them to their next class, said two students who spoke to the Standard-Examiner.

Taggart said that is standard procedure during locker searches.

Students were released to their next classes about 10 minutes late, said Mason Volk, 17, a senior.

"A girl in my class came back in and said the cops came into the bathroom and asked her to leave," he said. "They asked her if she was a part of the vandalism."

Volk said he heard from multiple friends that the bathroom message was "Somebody's going to die 11-11-11."

Taggart said the messages, written fairly large with a black felt-tip pen, were reported to administrators by a concerned female student.

He said there is security footage of the hallways outside each bathroom, and investigators hope to talk to the people who entered the bathroom during the period when the message was written.

Taggart said they will be especially keen to talk to any student recorded entering both bathrooms.

According to the Weber School District website, Roy High has about 1,500 students in grades 10 through 12.

Taggart said the vandalism seems to mirror a Sept. 20 incident at Roy Junior High. Graffiti including veiled threats was painted onto brick walls, benches, windows and trees.

"We don't necessarily suspect it was the same individual, but maybe somebody got the idea from what took place at the junior high," Taggart said. "We suspect it was just some kid being stupid, but we are taking precautions."

He said district high schools always have a police officer present, but Roy High will have an increased presence today. Teachers attended a meeting after school Thursday to review emergency procedures.

"The faculty will be on alert for students acting suspiciously, or anyone that might look like they are out of place," Taggart said.

He said he was unaware of any resolution in the junior high vandalism incident, but a similar reward of $100 will be offered in this case for information leading to the apprehension of the vandal.

Anyone with information can call the Roy Police Department at 801-774-1063 or the Roy High office at 801-476-3600.

Volk said nothing ever came of the Roy Junior High threats, and he doubts anything will happen at Roy High either.

"I don't think anyone is too worried," he said. "Nobody is upset that I know of."

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