Solve strike by cutting prices

Nov 25 2011 - 1:51pm

Having just read an article in regard to the Jazz losing $17 million last year, I would like to offer a solution. This is only my personal opinion, and it is not for the Jazz alone, but for all professional sports.

There has never been an athlete that is worth as much as a good police officer, fireman, school teacher etc. If the athletes were paid what they are worth, then the owners could reduce the price of a ticket to where the average fan could sit at court side or on the 50-yard line. At the same time the owners could make a profit.

I know I will be showing my age, but I can remember when the superstars had to get other jobs in the off season to make ends meet. I know all professional athletes and most hard-core fans will disagree with me but I do feel better having given my opinion.

Bob Crosser

North Ogden

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