Hearings set for safe theft suspects

Nov 29 2011 - 11:11pm

FARMINGTON -- Two defendants accused in the theft of a private safe containing $200,000 had court hearings Tuesday.

Steven Hogge's attorney, Mark Arnold, met with Judge David Connors and prosecutors in the judge's chamber before court began.

Arnold then asked in court for another hearing to be set for Dec. 13.

Hogge, 41, who is charged with theft and burglary, both second-degree felonies, did not appear in court.

Co-defendant Joshua Cameron Watts, 19, did appear in court. He faces the same charges as Hogge.

A Dec. 13 hearing is set for Watts.

Both men are accused of stealing a safe that belonged to Gary Turley, of West Bountiful, from his home Sept. 1. Police said the safe contained almost $200,000 in cash Turley stashed away for more than 20 years because he did not trust banks.

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