Mitt flip-flops, bears 'false witness'

Nov 29 2011 - 2:48pm

In reference to what Mr. Romney said at that CNN debate last Wednesday, the 22nd of November, that his first name was Mitt, oops! No, its not; it's Willard and not Mitt. How a person can forget his first name is beyond me or is he just lying? As for his views on immigration, did he forget that his own father was born in Mexico and later moved to the United States whether legally or not I don't know. And as far a being a Mormon, well I guess this Mormon forgot the 9th Commandment, "Thou should not bear false witness against thy neighbor." If he didn't, then he broke that commandment when he allowed the latest commercial that lies about what President Obama said in reference to what John McCain said about our economy. Maybe Mr. Romney should take a closer look at his birth certificate to see what his real first name is. Then research his own heritage to see where his own father was born.

Last but not least, he should brush up on the Ten Commandments, especially the 9th.

Here's another thing, he needs to think before he opens his mouth, a lie will last until the truth arrives! The voters of this country won't stand for lies, innuendos and falsehoods; they need someone they can trust to tell the truth and most of all be straight with the public, and not just say or do whatever it takes to gain their confidence and vote.

If John Kerry, who served his country as a combat veteran in Vietnam, while Romney was dodging the draft, is a flip-flopper, then I wonder what "Mitt" is?

Miguel R. Serda, Jr.



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