Republicans want lower classes to pay for rich

Dec 5 2011 - 4:10pm

When are the Republicans going to put their money where their mouth is? They signed a pledge not to raise taxes and then they wanted to raise the taxes of the lower and middle class. President Obama has been spending all his time going around the country trying to drum up support for his "Jobs for America" bill, that the Republicans refuse to allow on the Senate floor for a vote. The Republicans keep asking for a bill by the president on jobs, but when he introduces one, they refuse to even vote on it. What is their plan for the American people? The Republicans want the lower and middle incomes to pay for the tax reduction of the upper 1 percent while claiming that there is no attempt by the president to lead the country out of the economic recession. 

Where are the plans of the Republican Party to do this without costing the lower and middle class and making the upper 1 percent pay their fair share?

Weren't the Republicans elected to represent all of their constituents and not just the rich constituents? The Democrats want to protect the benefits of the lower and middle class from the lies and disrespect of the Republicans, who want to lower those rates to pay for the upper class's so-called benefits. Why don't the Republicans start to represent all of their constituents? Wouldn't that be more productive and lead to their re-election?

Clifford Tornow




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