PETA sues Utah officers over leaflet distribution

Dec 7 2011 - 3:56pm

SALT LAKE CITY -- A Virginia-based animal rights group is suing two Utah transit police officers for trying to block the distribution of leaflets about circus animal abuse.

The lawsuit was filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Salt Lake City on behalf of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

The lawsuit contends Utah Transit Authority officers Jordan Hamilton and Connor Macke tried to block PETA staff from distributing the leaflets at a light rail station outside a downtown Salt Lake City arena, where the circus was performing.

The lawsuit says officers threatened PETA staff with citations, even though UTA policies don't prohibit leaflet distribution.

It was not immediately clear whether Hamilton and Macke had attorneys.

UTA spokesman Gerry Carpenter could not confirm Hamilton and Macke's employment on Wednesday.


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