Thousands of drums of solvents dumped at HAFB

Dec 7 2011 - 3:16pm

Responding to the Standard's December 3 article, "Base reps: TCE being contained." There is no TCE chemical called Trichloroethene as reported. There were dumping trichloroethylene, tricholoethane, dimethyl chloride (and other chemicals like mineral spirits, toluene, methyl ethyl ketone, acetone, and zylene which are less carcinogenic) at Hill AFB by the drum full for DECADES.

They were dumping thousands upon thousands of gallons annually. Dumping of these chemicals was happening at many locations on base, and again that lasted for decades. The Base has recovered tons and tons more than the 110 pounds (about 11 gallons) reported in the article. THOUSANDS of gallons of these solvents have been recovered out of the ground water. To determine the real amount recovered you would need to do a freedom of information act request for each recovery site as they're not offering that information to my knowledge.

The article was the equivalent of saying that during our recent wind storm a tree blew over in Utah. That's not fair to thousands of people who's lives and property have been damaged by the contamination. Credit the authorities at Hill AFB for continuing to remedy the contamination by working hard and spending millions to clean it up.

Dale Bennion


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