Recycling program working in Farr West

Dec 11 2011 - 11:32pm

FARR WEST -- The amount of trash picked up in the city is dropping since the recycling program started, Councilman Tim Shupe said.

In September, crews picked up 286 tons of waste. In October they picked up only 196 tons and about the same amount in November.

"We are seeing some significant change in how much we are paying for solid waste to be taken to the transfer station," said Shupe, "If we could save enough to fix another road pipe or another drainage ditch, it is all going to be worth it."

Councilman Lee Dickemore said he received telephone calls from two people who have been included in the recycling program but who now want to opt out.

He said one caller said he does not use the can and wants it removed from his property. The other caller had renters in a home, and the renters had left, so the recycling can is not needed.

Mayor Jimmie Papageorge said he would talk with the callers personally and see what could be done about their desire to opt out now.

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