ATV Adventures: Hunting for topaz on an ATV

Dec 12 2011 - 2:46pm

I am not new to hunting for topaz. I know that you can find pieces bleached clear from exposure to the sun in the washes at the base of Topaz Mountain near Delta, Utah. However, I wanted the specimens whose amber color had not been washed out from exposure. That meant getting to unexposed rock.

My son is a mining engineer with access to serious mining "stuff" so I told him of my plan to blow up part of the mountain and that I needed some dynamite. He said I couldn't have any - Rats!

I talked to my friends who got excited about the idea of a hunt for topaz. After doing some research on the Internet they suggested that we look for small trees growing out of rocky areas. We could then use hammer and chisel to get to the booty. That sounded like a plan to me. I loaded my Polaris two-up and with my wife, we picked up our friends and their Rhino in Orem and headed for Delta.

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