New service fees set for developers in Farmington

Dec 14 2011 - 5:44pm

FARMINGTON -- New guidelines for how professional services are utilized and paid for by developers have been adopted by city leaders, in an effort to improve efficiency.

In action taken recently, the city council approved new professional service fee guidelines for developers, which will require a quarterly accounting for how those services are charged and paid for.

David Petersen, community development director, said the change means a contractor will not be strung out before he is billed for potentially using a city engineer or attorney, as they have been in the past. Instead, when those services are provided, the developer will be billed on a quarterly basis.

The new rule still requires a deposit, but the move will help city leaders and the developer manage expectations, according to Petersen.

He said some developers were close to fainting when charged for those professional services after a project was completed, when they saw the final tally.

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