Pleasant View officials OK vacating street, plat amendment

Dec 20 2011 - 12:14am

PLEASANT VIEW -- As plans evolve for a street expansion at approximately 4300 North and Alder Creek Drive (800 West), city council members have approved a street vacation and amended the plat for Alder Creek subdivision Phase 2.

The original developer never completed the project, said Community Development Director Bruce Talbot.

"Part of 4300 North in that subdivision was being dedicated to the city for the right of way," he said.

"We assumed at the time we would be needing it. Since then, we have been engaged in trying to design 4300 North. It will affect the properties on the downhill side going to the east."

Talbot said if the original plans were used, the road would have been as close as 2 or 3 feet from the porch of a home. This is why the city has come up with an alternative plan, moving the right of way and having no sidewalks on the north side and utility poles in the parking strip.

Councilman Scott Boehme said he had concerns about not putting a sidewalk on the north side of the street.

"We have lots of room," Talbot said. "It's an 80-foot right of way, and we're planning for a 50-foot street. There is a ravine and other fills to do as well."

Talbot said there is no need to change the line on the south side in the future. And although the north side of the road wouldn't have a sidewalk, he said, a trail goes up through Wadman Nature Park.

"We're going to have pretty low-density housing on each side," said Mayor Doug Clifford. "On the north side, it's 5-acre and 2 !1/2-acre lots."

Boehme asked if there would be curb, gutter and sidewalk on the lots as they develop, and Talbot said there would be.

Councilman Tim Hjorten said: "It will be required when houses are built on those lots."

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