Coleman Nocks statement to court

Jan 6 2012 - 6:57pm

The following statement was submitted to the court by Coleman Nocks:

It is with the most profound sincerity that I acknowledge responsibility for the events that transpired both on, and in the immediate aftermath of, February 5th, 2010.

As an employee of Bugman Pest and Lawn, I was asked to again return to the home of Brenda and Nathan Toone to address a recurring vole infestation that I had treated two months prior. Upon returning to the address, I saw evidence that the infestation had worsened, causing significant damage to the lawn and surrounding property.

The treatment I had originally done involved setting up bait stations in the immediate area, filled with a passive poison called Ramik Brown. After seeing the new destruction, I made the decision to use Fumitoxin, a controlled substance containing Aluminum Phosphide, to proactively attack the burrows of the rodents that were living under the sidewalk in front of the home. My only consideration at the time was to care for our customer and rid them of a destructive rodent threat. I just wanted to fix the problem. Although it never entered my mind at the time, I realize now that my actions were negligent and careless.

A thorough investigation revealed that I am responsible for the hurt and loss caused to the Toone family. It was through my attempt to rid their yard of a rodent problem that the Toones were exposed to a dangerous substance. The weight of this tragic accident has had a great impact on my life. I have endured and am enduring periods of depression and anxiety, requiring the intervention of mental health professionals to help me cope with recurring episodes of insomnia and thoughts of suicide. Having lost a child of my own many years ago, I feel a special sympathy and empathy for the loss suffered by the little girls' family.

Aside from the debt I owe to society, the most difficult thought is that I must stand before the Lord each day and at the hour of my death and explain to Him how I caused these two beautiful girls to be taken from their family. While I may eventually come to grips with the grief that I feel because of my actions, I know that I will never be able to fill the void in the hearts of the Toone family.

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