Name Ogden Amphitheater after fallen officer

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 10:32 AM

Tom Evans

I threw out the idea of possibly naming the Ogden Amphitheater after the recently fallen officer Jared Francom on Facebook. It has been greeted with some great support for the idea. There is a Facebook site where we have begun a petition.Please visit it and vote yes on the page if your interested in this. Also we are in need of guidance on how to go about making this a reality as well as possibly some financial support from, if needed, to help pay for any expenses if this ends up holding us up. Keep in mind the site is just an idea but in my opinion it is a very fitting place. And by all means please do not forget the friends, family and surviving officers that have all been affected by such a tragic event. The Facebook address is:

Tom Evans

South Ogden

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