Defense act endangers our freedoms, property

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 10:30 AM

Bruce Adams

It's true, if you look close enough, people who pretend to be honest on the outside, but are inwardly "ravening wolves", are actually purple colored!

When the National Defense Authorization Act was recently passed by Congress, I discovered two purple people in our own backyard, namely Sen. Orrin Hatch and Rep. Rob Bishop, who joined Obama in passing it. The NDAA gives the president sweeping new power to arrest and indefinitely detain U.S. citizens without a trial or due process (see, all in the name of the "war on terror." Senator Mike Lee and Rep. Chaffetz had the courage to vote against this particularly heinous piece of legislation.

Historically, every dictatorship on the planet has used the same rational of fighting "terrorism" to remove the freedom and property of its own citizens. Say or do something the government doesn't like, and we get a knock on the door at 2 a.m., never to be seen again, all in order to "protect the people." Hitler was particulary good at initiating acts of terrorism so he could blame it on the Jews. It's amazing how history repeats itself with Obama and his czars, imprisoning anyone they whimsically don't like without any trial or due process.

Sen. Hatch and Rep. Bishop, shame on you for violating your oath of office to uphold our Constitution. I'm sure you'll come up with a smiley-faced reason why our Constitution doesn't matter anymore in the "war on terror," but to those of us who love freedom and our Constitution, you'll always be purple.

Bruce Adams


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