layton crew aids cleanup project

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 10:30 AM

Jasen Asay

LAYTON -- While waiting for the arrival of materials needed to complete a project, Davis County's public works department lent its support where the help was needed.

Last week, cleaning crews from Layton and Davis County combined forces to clean up the detention pond area just south of Home2Suites, 803 W. Heritage Park Blvd.

"Eventually, that area will be a destination point in which many people will gather and enjoy what's around them," said Mayor Steve Curtis.

The park-like area will be part of a planned trail connecting the hotels, restaurants and businesses surrounding Davis Conference Center.

The county had previously announced that its Tourism Tax Advisory Board would give $100,000, matching the amount Layton has pledged, for the first phase of the trail.

The first phase will begin on 700 West and head west until it meets Woodland Park Drive.

City officials said $42,000 will be raised from local businesses participating in the financial support of the connecting walkway.

But Davis County Commissioner John Petroff Jr. said the county was in a position to do even more.

On Thursday, workers from the county's public works department arrived in Layton with their trackhoes and got to work. By Friday, the project was completed.

"They did an awesome job, just like they always do," Petroff said. "We scraped out all that debris, loaded up Layton's trucks, and they hauled it away."

Crews cleared the debris and flattened the area evenly.

Curtis said the plan now is for the city's crews to make sure the area stays clean.

"It will be kept up until the time comes when we will lay down the sod and make the area into a small community gathering place," Curtis said.

The city does not have a set time when workers will lay the sod, but Curtis said that may happen in the spring.

"We want to do it as soon as possible, that way it will keep down the weeds," Curtis said.

Both Curtis and Petroff said the project was an example of two entities coming together and working toward a common goal. Curtis said Layton is appreciative of the help from the county.

He said, "This area is an essential part to the whole trail that we're trying to develop."

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