Man jailed on suspicion of making and selling spice

Jan 12 2012 - 7:01am


(Standard-Examiner file photo) Spice is shown after a 2011 raid in Kaysville.
Bryan Larsen
(Standard-Examiner file photo) Spice is shown after a 2011 raid in Kaysville.
Bryan Larsen

OGDEN -- Bryan Larsen, 25, turned himself in to Weber County Jail on Tuesday on suspicion of making and selling spice.

Between Feb. 26 and Nov. 7 last year, Larsen sold the illegal synthetic marijuana and kept his proceeds in two bank accounts in the name of companies he worked for, according to information filed in 2nd District Court.

The Clinton man worked for Deep Powder Distributing in West Haven and Trigger Marketing LLC in Ogden, according to a statement filed by Special Agent Nathan Mutter of the Utah Attorney General's SECURE Strike Force.

Mutter executed a search warrant on the two businesses Nov. 7 and found the tools to make and store spice inside, the statement reads.

As an employee at both locations, Larsen "maintained an intimate association with other businesses ... in Salt Lake County, Utah, wherein paraphernalia and/or 'Spice' were distributed," the statement adds.

Mark Hilker and Bryan Carlson are listed in court documents as the owners of Deep Powder Distributing, though no charges against them have been filed in 2nd District Court. The owner of the second business is not listed in the court documents, though they do state that Larsen held a position as either an organizer, supervisor or manager.

Larsen kept the proceeds in two bank accounts, one in the name of each company, according to court documents. Because the strike force had reason to believe that all of the money in those accounts was what they suspected to be Larsen's drug money, they seized all of the funds to the tune of $20,608.52 from the Trigger Marketing LLC account and $4,999.71 from the Deep Powder Distributing account.

Larsen faces charges of distribution of a controlled substance while engaging in criminal enterprise, a first-degree felony' money laundering and unlawful activity, second-degree felonies; and distribution of a controlled substance, a third-degree felony.

Court documents list Deep Powder Marketing, Double Diamond Distributing, LCM Distributing and Western Wholesale as the Salt Lake County companies Larsen associated with. The documents did not specify what type of association Larsen has with these companies.

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