UDOT purchases two more properties for U.S. 89 expansion

Jan 14 2012 - 11:04pm

SALT LAKE CITY -- The state is continuing its planned expansion of Highway 89 through Davis County at a furious pace, acquiring two more properties along the road on Friday.

The Utah State Transportation Commission approved a request for UDOT to dip into its corridor preservation fund and buy two properties along Highway 89 in Layton.

The first property is at 598 Eastside Drive. Lyle McMillian, UDOT's director of right-of-way, said a home on the property lies directly in the path of a future proposed interchange.

The home sits on nearly three acres and has been owned by Robert and Judith McCalmant for 35 years.

McMillian said the state will use only the front portion of the property and sell the remainder when Highway 89 expansions are complete.

"There will be a healthy remainder that we can sell after the project," McMillian said.

According to state documents, the property will cost UDOT $280,000.

The second property sits at 2953 E. Orson Drive in Layton.

State documents show that the property is owned by David and Teresa Carpinelli and has been appraised for $175,000.

McMillian said the home sits in the path of a proposed frontage road along Highway 89.

Both property owners were willing sellers to the state.

McMillian said there are several other properties along the Highway 89 corridor in Davis County that the state plans to purchase during the next few months.

UDOT Deputy Director Carlos Braceras said the state already owns about one-third of the properties in the area.

As the state continues to buy properties, plans for the road include turning it into a full-blown freeway with several interchanges, the frontage road and widening the road by at least one lane in each direction.

On the state's Regional Transportation Plan, the Highway 89 expansion is broken down into several projects. Most of the projects are scheduled for phase three of the state's plan, which means they are at least 20 years away, but several projects are scheduled for phase two, which is 10 years out.

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