Early coaches at Bonneville worked with fledgling programs

Jan 19 2012 - 1:06pm


Regarding the Jan. 17 sports story, "Gladwell returns to Bonneville," I was glad to read of Gladwell's return to the Laker football program as head coach. I am a 1962 graduate of Bonneville High and was directly involved in and helping to establish many of the traditions back then for a great school. I also went to high school with Thom Budge for one year at Weber High and have followed his career. I was saddened when he passed away so suddenly. But, I want to set the record straight and mention that we had other coaches prior to Thom who struggled with a new program at Bonneville.

The late Coach Harry Burchell who passed away a number of years ago was our the first coach. He coached the fledgling Lakers in the first couple of years. We didn't win many games but we sure had a lot of fun.

So, lets honor Mr. Burchell along with Thom Budge and now, Coach Gladwell, and give them all of our support. Go Lakers!

Mike Jensen

West Haven

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