Box Elder commission seems to ignore residents

Jan 19 2012 - 5:22pm


I'm thankful for all those citizens who came forward and reminded our county commissioners that the people voted against NURLA, against Box Elder County's becoming a dumping ground for other counties and against the wear and tear on our roads by the increase of potential garbage trucks. According to the 2011 budget, the landfill took in $1,308,139 and spent $1,308,139.

The same situation was happening all over again, just like the building of the justice court. The people voted against the building of the justice court and the previous county commissioners went ahead and had the justice court built anyway. Now we are enslaved with another government building while the old courtroom and an extra room are sitting vacant. What a waste of our tax dollars.

I'm disappointed that our country commissioners gave $600 a year increase for government workers. All should share in the decline of our economy, even government workers. Where does the private sector go to collectively bargain for relief? Our taxes keep increasing, even though the county commissioners have said they have cut spending.

Now, there is discussion about the state of Utah wanting to build an addition at the cost of $15 million. Just like our federal government, our state and local governments need to stop spending and focus on paying off our debt, reducing the size of government by eliminating socialism and permitting only those programs which protect our freedom and liberties. These would be for funding our sheriff, jail, courts, landfill, roads (with the workforce being returned to the private sector and then the county accepting bids when the road work is needed), records and bookkeeping departments. The rest should be returned to the private sector. We want our freedom restored.

DeAnna Hardy

Brigham City

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