Morgan Council changes constable position

Jan 22 2012 - 11:33pm

MORGAN -- The county's constable position as currently arranged just isn't working out, so the Morgan County Council approved a change.

"The constable has a hard position. It is hard to fill," said Morgan County Justice Court Judge Tony Hassell. Hassell said a constable is responsible for tracking down people to serve warrants.

The council approved hiring a constable who will work under the county sheriff.

Morgan County Sheriff Blaine Breshears said many sheriffs throughout the state struggle with "this constable issue," because constables work for the county and don't necessarily answer to the sheriff or judge.

"He doesn't answer to anyone. No one oversees him," Breshears said. "He can go make an arrest anywhere in the state."

Hassell said the situation is a precarious one.

"We put ourselves in a real legal position when we serve warrants," Hassell said. "If we take wrongfully, that is a suit."

Breshears said for part-time work as a constable he will seek an applicant who would answer to the county sheriff, train with his department, and retain certification as a peace officer.

With $150,000 worth of warrants "sitting out there," Hassell urged haste in finding a replacement.

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