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Battle those blahs

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 10:42 AM

Nathan Beeston

Around this time of year, do you start to get tired of the dead trees and freezing weather, of scraping frost off of your car windshield every morning and of seeing gloomy skies with far less sun?

For many, winter is a tough time of year.

"I kind of hate winter!" says Taylor Edmonds, a Syracuse High sophomore. "I don't like all the cold weather and snow, but I guess it comes with living in Utah."

Rena Bogden, a Northridge High junior, says, "Winter is OK. I just don't like that it's constantly cold.I'm just waiting for spring to hit."

This winter has even been tough for people who love snow sports.

"It's been a bad winter, because we have had no snow this year," says Jacob Gallegos, a Syracuse sophomore, who usually enjoys snowboarding and winter activities.

Most of us will, at some time, get tired of winter and feel the "winter blahs." The good thing is, there are several fun things to do to get your mind set out of winter and feel like summer again.

Shorts, summer clothes

What better way to feel like it's summer than to dress like it? Instead of waddling around bunched up in a giant coat and thick scarves and hats, why not wear something to make you feel like you're in that amazing time of year when it was warm outside?

"I love wearing shorts year-round," says Brandon Lancaster, a junior at Syracuse.

Greg Hoffman, a Syracuse sophomore, agrees, explaining shorts are "comfortable and convenient, both traits prompting that longing reminiscence of summer."

Syracuse sophomore Sara Hawker also likes wearing summer clothes in winter "because that way, I can pretend that it's summer, and not be depressed about the snow!"

Some of her favorites are flip-flops and other sandals, or bright colors or flowers in the hair.

Tropical treats

There's nothing like eating summer treats to remind you of that sunny season itself. Delicious, creamy milk shakes, simple fruit smoothies and sundaes are all easy summer desserts that are fun to make at home.

One of Clearfield sophomore Kaitlyn Peck's favorite summer treats to enjoy in the winter is fruit dip.

"Everyone has to have it!You can eat your apples, bananas, oranges, strawberries and even pineapple for your tropical cravings," Peck says.

So why not run to a local smoothie shop and sip on a luscious blend of fruit, and pretend you're swinging on a beach-front hammock instead of running through cold snow and frozen ground to get to your car? Maybe slurping on that perfect blend of smooth ice cream and fizzy root beer will remind you of those burning-hot, sunny Fourth of Julys instead of a real frigid, icy 30th of January.

Watch a movie

If you can't travel to some sunny far-away tropical island, why not try doing it at home?

"Usually watching TV or a movie helps, because doing that will help get your mind off of winter. Going to the movies helps too!" says Bogden.

Many enjoy watching specific movies to get them into the summer feeling.

"I usually watch 'Lilo and Stitch' (in the winter) because of its tropical setting!" says Hawker.

Or other good picks might be Disney movies such as "Finding Nemo," "The Incredibles," "Aladdin" and "The Lion King."

Movies can take you far, far away to all the places of the world, from the beautiful, lush, tropical rainforests; to harsh, scorching, deserts;to bustling sunny cities; to warm, sandy, coastlines with crashing waves and perfect beaches.

Get out of the house

There's tons of things to do in the winter that don't involve snow.

Swimming in the winter is a favorite for some teens. Many indoor pools are still open this time of year, and swimming is a great way to have fun in the winter without being cold. It's a refreshing reminder of summer when you jump into a pool and splash around.

Other fun things to do include visiting parks, hiking in areas not covered in snow, and even visiting somewhere like Salt Lake City. Options there include the Hogle Zoo and the Living Planet Aquarium, both full of many tropical animals and plants.

The aquarium, for instance, has many exotic tropical fish, stingrays you can touch, strange jellyfish, and many other aquatic animals that remind you of an actual foreign coast or ocean reef. Hogle Zoo is filled with many diverse, foreign animals, as well as rooms of reptiles, exotic birds, tropical plants and a tropical atmosphere that makes you feel like you're in an actual jungle.

Summer party

Peck says that having a summer-themed party is a great way to have fun in the winter.

"Get a huge group of people and throw a party in a gym" she says. "Make fake palm trees, bring beach balls, and play volleyball!"

So all in all, most of us will at some time or another start to get tired of the winter blues, but if we endure, take steps to avoid them, and sometimes try to think about summer, spring will surely come in no time to save us.

Nathan Beeston is a sophomore at Syracuse High School. Contact him at

See a clip from "Lilo and Stitch"

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