Don't let thieves get away with it

Jan 23 2012 - 10:30am


Illustration by SHADE LEEDS/Roy High School/
Illustration by SHADE LEEDS/Roy High School/

These days, the things we own tend to be very valuable. Whether it's your brand new phone or iPod touch, the more valuable your belongings are the more likely you are to have them stolen if you don't take the right precautions.

Being robbed leaves most people feeling violated and angry. I experienced these feelings when I had some things stolen last fall. I had my iPod touch that I had cherished for two years, all the money in my wallet, and my brand new expensive cell phone all stolen from me while I was playing a volleyball game in Salt Lake City.

I was with my volleyball team playing an opponent at another school. I had put my belongings in a pocket in my gym bag I thought clever, considering it had protected my things for every game we had played up until that point. I had never had anything stolen before and couldn't imagine it ever happening to me.

At every game we had played, the locker room we used was to be locked with all our gym bags in it. I still never found out how that door got unlocked this time, but it did. After finishing our game we headed back to the locker room. I opened my gym bag to find all of my things completely gone. I even emptied my wallet to find that out of all my money, the person had left me one quarter.

I completely freaked out and searched frantically for my iPod, phone and money. After informing my teammates, we learned that one of my other teammates had also had money stolen. We had no luck trying to find our things so our best options were to inform the principal at our opponents' school and report my stolen things to the police. I even had my phone company try to track my phone using GPS, but since the person had turned off my phone we had no luck trying to track it.

After about a week I was pretty much told that I was most likely not going to get any of my things back. As soon as I finally accepted that unfortunate concept, I got called into my own school principal's office. He informed me that the other school had called to let him know that they had found my things and the person who had stolen them, a student from their school.

I was overjoyed; I thought my things were gone for good. My phone was found in perfect condition, the person would have to pay back my money, but unfortunately, the thief had destroyed my iPod. So it turns out the student who took everything would also have to pay to replace my iPod.

I wrote this article because I want people who have their things stolen to take all the right steps to get them back. If you have very valuable things taken, be sure to always report them to the police. If you're at school, be sure to inform the principal.

Realistically, the chances of having your things recovered are slim, but still very possible. Out of this very unfortunate situation, I got the best of it. It turns out the check I received from the person was enough to not only buy myself a new iPod, but it also bought me an upgrade to an even better iPod. When I ordered the new one I was even entitled to get a free engraving on the back.

So the back of my brand new iPod now reads, "Stealing is bad karma."

Miranda Romero is a junior at St. Joseph Catholic High School. She loves volleyball, cheerleading, and track and field. Contact her at

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