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Hide your toilet tissue -- boldly

Designer Jonathan Adler is all about bringing style with a dash of whimsy to the home. So it's not surprising he would team up with Cottonelle to design covers for stashing that spare roll of toilet paper.

Adler, known for his pottery and home furnishings, introduced his first line of covers in August and recently unveiled his designs for a spring collection. The covers all have bold, modern designs.

Consumers can get a roll cover for free using an offer code found in specially marked packs of Cottonelle Clean Care Toilet Paper, or they can buy them for $2 each. In either case, they pay an additional $1.99 for shipping and handling.

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Fully cook meat before freezing

Q: Is it OK to partially cook chicken, then freeze it and finish cooking it later?

A: It's always very risky to partially cook meat or poultry and either refrigerate it or freeze it.

Even in the freezer, the interior of the chicken will cool slowly. When you partially cook it, there's a good chance the interior will get warm enough to allow bacteria to grow, but it won't chill fast enough to stop the number of bacteria from climbing.

When you thaw the meat and complete the cooking, it may be contaminated with enough bacteria to make you sick.

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