Editorial board confirms Gingrich's media bias charge

Jan 24 2012 - 11:54am


The Jan. 23 editorial, "Our View: Newt's cynical media ploy" is one of the Standard-Examiner Editorial Board's weakest submissions in recent memory, and that is saying something.

Re: "Gingrich has adopted the cynical strategy of cultivating faux outrage against the "liberal media" that supposedly practices "bias" against conservatives." Is Newt the one being cynical here, or is this a case of projection on the part of the Standard-Examiner Editorial Board?

There is a reason Gingrich got a standing ovation at the debate in South Carolina for his take down of CNN's John King. I suspect his landslide performance in that state's primary was largely the result of the visceral response the people of South Carolina had to see a candidate strike back at what they obviously perceive as blatent bias (no scare quotes needed) on the part of the undeniably liberal media. It's one thing for Newt to make the case of liberal bias. His obvious success demonstrates that the public recognizes the same bias, and deplores it.

The crowd's response was not nauseating, it was exhilarating.

This dishonest editorial illustrates just why journalism is currently held in such low regard as a profession. I think used car salesmen are held in greater esteem than are journalists. Before you know it, the Standard-Examiner Editorial Board will be fighting it out for last place, along with most members of the U.S. Congress.

Congratulations Standard-Examiner journalists. You've made it to the bottom the old-fashioned way. You've earned it.

Brent Glines


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