We need lawmakers not beholden to donors or party

Feb 1 2012 - 3:27pm


I am not a Democrat. I am not a Republican. I am an American citizen; one who is disappointed with the elected officials and their policies that govern our nation.

Their misuse of our Social Security funds has put that program in jeopardy. Their misuse of our tax dollars has created a national debt that is far beyond acceptable.

Congress has been totally inept and has the nation in debt, in fear and confused.

They make laws that are a complicated mess and common sense seems to be totally lacking when it comes to agreeing or accomplishing some projects.

The only things they seem to agree on and pass quickly with no arguing are the salaries and perks they receive.

Now, we have an election coming up that will determine our future fates for another four years. After seeing the "supposed" debates on national TV by the Republican Party, I am convinced that these representatives of the party do not even know what a debate is.

They are so busy arguing like siblings as to whom will sit in the front seat, or who will sit in the back seat of the car while being chauffeured to the pizza parlor, that they forget to debate. They gossip, dig dirt and solve nothing; but they do collect funds to fill their bank accounts.

In my estimation, the best and most qualified candidate withdraw from the race because of financial support and a lack of general support. Show sad!

When Obama first ran for president, I questioned his experience and ability, and I wondered why the Democratic Party nominated him. He was an "unknown" for most of the American population, but we did need to be "un-Bushed," so Obama's run was successful.

I disagree with some of Obama's doing, but his first four years have put him up on the learning curve and if we the voting public, elect some common sense, reputable, honest and fair-thinking individuals who are hot beholding to a party or a donor to work with, maybe some sanity can be restored to the U.S.

Jack E. Warner




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